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Armer Board Vista 55 inchArmer Board Vista 55 inch
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Armer Board Elite 65 inchArmer Board Elite 65 inch
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Armer Smart BoardArmer Smart Board
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Smart Board

Smart Boards, also known as interactive whiteboards, are advanced technological tools that combine the traditional whiteboard with modern digital capabilities. They offer a dynamic and interactive platform for presentations, collaboration, and teaching.Armer smart whiteboard integrates projectors, whiteboards, displays, speakers, TVs, tablets and many other conference room office equipment to make the conference room environment more concise and comfortable.

What is Armer Smart Whiteboard?

What is Armer Smart Whiteboard?Smart Boards are large display screens that can be written on and interacted with digitally. They integrate touch technology, allowing users to control and manipulate content on the screen using their fingers or a digital pen. These boards are connected to a computer or other devices, enabling the display of digital content such as presentations, videos, and documents.

How to choose the smart whiteboard size?

The size of the conference room is closely related to the smart board size you choose. Currently, common smart board sizes are 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches, which can generally meet the needs of conference rooms of different sizes. Consider the size of the room where you plan to install the smart board. Depending on the size of the room, choose the right size smart board to ensure all participants need it.

What is a smart whiteboard used for?

The smart board's intended use is also crucial. If you plan to use it for educational purposes such as classroom teaching, learning and training, etc., then it is crucial to choose a size that is large enough for students to easily read and understand the content. For business purposes, consider whether smart boards are used for presentations, brainstorming, presenting, meetings, remote collaboration, or team hybrid work.

Armer Smart Board Wireless Projection Setup?

Armer Smart Board Wireless Display Adapter is an intelligent wireless projection device that enables automated wireless projection, screen mirroring, and bidirectional control for smart office meetings. It eliminates the complexity of tangled cables, removes distance restrictions, allows multiple users to project simultaneously, and enables bidirectional operations, resulting in an efficient, automated, multi-user, multi-platform, and unrestricted smart meeting experience.