Armer® Interactive Smart Whiteboard A1 55"

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Size: A1 55inch (Free With Standard Wall Mount)
Style: Only Board
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A1 Board+Camera+Stand (No Threshold)

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Tech Specs

Product Specifications

Detailed parameter information about the product


Product size(L*W*H):
1271*774*87mmmm (board)
1271*774*117mm (including wall mounting bracket)
Package size(L*W*H):


Single System
CPU: 4 cores
Operation system: Android 11.0

Amazing All-in-one Smart Board

【All-in-one Smart Board】= Integrating Projector + Computer + Whiteboard + TV + Audio + Monitor

Powerful Interactive Smart Board

Provide efficient solutions for education and business.

Whiteboard Function

Unlimited canvases and annotations

20 touch points, stylus writing.
A variety of brush modes and graphic templates are pre-installed, and PDF and canvas can also be imported for annotation.

Upgrade your office, school, and home office

Online collaboration and presentation with the team, video conferencing, home office, remote office, etc. can all become simple and convenient in real time.

Compatible With Various Conferencing Software

Amrer Board integrates seamlessly with your favorite conferencing applications For Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx, and more. Perfect for video conferencing

Download Your Favorite Apps with Google Play

It runs on Android 11, with full support for the Google Play Store and your favorite touchscreen-friendly apps and PC software. Easy and fast to apply at work.

How To Choose Size?

Different Spaces Solution, Make Meetings and Teaching More Productive

5㎡-15㎡ Small Room

Suitable for 1-5 people. Recommended A1,A2 55" Smart Board

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20㎡-35㎡ Medium Room

Suitable for 5-10 people. Recommended R1 65" Smartboard

View More

30㎡-50㎡ Large Room

Suitable for 15-30 people. Recommended M1 75" Smart Board

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Business Solutions

How are smart boards used in business?

Make every meeting easier with interactive answering and collaboration using an Armer smart whiteboard.

For Business

For Remote Collaboration

On a business trip or at home, no matter where you are, you can collaborate and come up with insights anytime and anywhere. Screen sharing, file transfer and processing, connecting with customers, and more.

For Video Conferencing

Amrer Board integrates seamlessly with your favorite conferencing applications For Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx, and more. Perfect for video conferencing

For Brainstorming

Team meetings use smart whiteboards to display mind maps in one space for interactive brainstorming and capturing ideas, design creativity and innovation, etc.

For Training

The Armer interactive whiteboard makes training more lively and active. Take notes, text annotations, and import images. Participants scan the QR code to save each lesson and take it away.

Education Solutions

How are smart boards used in education?

Use Armer smart whiteboards for teacher-student interactive digital teaching, making classroom content full of fun and profoundness

For Education

For Classroom Teaching

Import PDFs, documents, screenshots, and images into your whiteboard and annotate as needed. Streamline your courses with integrations with Google Classroom, Word, Power Point, and more.


For Interesting Learning

Learn happily through interactive games such as Sudoku, chess, Kahoot!, and ABC Mouse, and watch YouTube, Netflix, and Video on the screen to improve students' knowledge reserves.


For K-12

Low blue light and anti-glare protect students' eyes, and 4K ultra-high definition ensures that teaching materials always present vivid details.

For Higher Education

Multi-device interaction: Students can participate via laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to provide instant feedback or ask questions during class.


A1 VS. A1 Pro Comparison

Just list the differences between A1 and A1 Pro.

Armer® Interactive Smart Whiteboard A1 55"
Armer® Interactive Smart Whiteboard A1 55" Sale priceFrom $1,799.00 USD Regular price$2,199.00 USD
Armer® Interactive Display Smart Board A1 Pro 55”
Armer® Interactive Display Smart Board A1 Pro 55” Sale price$1,999.00 USD Regular price$2,199.00 USD

Only Supports Android System
CPU: 4 cores
Operation system: Android 11.0

Dual system switching
CPU: 4 cores
Operation system: Android 11.0
Operation system: Windows10
SSD: 258GB

Screen Size

55" 4K UHD

55" 4K UHD

Other Tech Specs




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"Compared with the previous ordinary whiteboard, the machine's whiteboard function is very good, and the opinions and wisdom gained by the team during the meeting are well preserved."
"The Armer Smart Whiteboard boasts a large 55-inch screen, enhancing the visual experience and ensuring that every detail is displayed vividly. Unlike working on a small laptop screen or a traditional handwriting whiteboard, users can enjoy a spacious and immersive workspace."
"Our organization has two Armer boards and we absolutely love them! The tech support has been amazing and always helpful with any questions. with fast response times. We use our boards for training, zoom calls, virtual conferences, and more."
"Armer Smart Whiteboard is really a great tool with a bunch of cool features and a strong emphasis on collaboration. It provides educators and students with an innovative platform to enhance the teaching and learning experience."
"Great response and so touchy love the feeling - can write with your finger and the touch pen. Still exploring the other user interfaces but got a hold of the board for teaching, downloaded some needed apps, will download more! Quite user friendly."

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
I like Armer Smart board

My training institution has replaced all traditional blackboards with smart whiteboards. I think students are more motivated to attend classes, and lecturers say goodbye to erasers.

Amanda McEwen
Very practical in class

Future! Armer boards are a great asset to my online accounting courses. Students love the interactivity and integration of Blackboard. This makes them feel like we are teaching in a classroom! I would recommend this technique to any online instructor. This is a great and worthwhile investment! Seamlessly integrates with a variety of software and applications, making it a valuable tool for educators and professionals. It supports a wide range of applications, enhancing its usability.

Armer Smart Board brings convenience to our office

We purchased an Armer Board for our business and it works great. The touch screen is very powerful and easy to use and integrate. It's great for team presentations and works well for conference calls with the separately equipped webcam. If our office continues to expand, we will definitely be purchasing more Armer Boards in the future!

Qi Chang
Touch sensitive, easy to operate.

It was recommended by a customer I met before. Their company uses this brand of conference tablet. Taking advantage of this Black Friday event, we decisively placed an order for one. It is full of luxury and is very practical for office meetings. If there is a need for it in the future Will continue to purchase.

Improve efficiency

Use the Armer Board A1 to strategize, create dynamic vision boards, align my team to a common goal, and accelerate the growth of her small business. It's more than a tool - it's your partner in achieving future milestones. I can transform these companies into more efficient ones through Armer Board