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Armer Board is a fast-growing terminal brand, mainly selling smart boards. Media reports are the driving force for our branding. We hope that users can use our smart board and get effective help.

The Armer smartboard has some cool features and a great tool for collaboration.

Armer Smart Whiteboard is really a great tool with a bunch of cool features and a strong emphasis on collaboration. It provides educators and students with an innovative platform to enhance the teaching and learning experience. By leveraging its interactive capabilities, Armer Smart Whiteboards transform traditional classrooms into vibrant, engaging spaces.

The 55-inch screen makes the display more vivid, and you will never be annoyed by a small laptop or a handwriting whiteboard.

The Armer Smart Whiteboard boasts a large 55-inch screen, enhancing the visual experience and ensuring that every detail is displayed vividly. Unlike working on a small laptop screen or a traditional handwriting whiteboard, users can enjoy a spacious and immersive workspace.

Armer Board Upgrades A1 55-inch Smart Whiteboard to A2 55-inch Series with Increased Memory and System Features

Armer Board has upgraded its popular A1 55-inch smart whiteboard to the A2 55-inch series based on user feedback. The company has always focused on innovative research and development in smart whiteboard technology. The new A2 55-inch model features 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM, an Intel i5 CPU with Windows 10, and supports Android 11, running both operating systems simultaneously.

Armer Board has introduced a new 55-inch 4K Ultra HD touch screen interactive whiteboard, dubbed the Armer A1.

The product is designed for a variety of uses, including presentations, interactive learning, and home entertainment.The display features a 3840 x 2160 resolution and supports a color gamut of 1.07 billion colors, which the company states will deliver superior image quality and vivid visuals. This may enhance the user experience in environments such as classrooms, offices, or at home.

Great Product

"Great response and so touchy love the feeling - can write with your finger and the touch pen. Still exploring the other user interfaces but got a hold of the board for teaching, downloaded some needed apps, will download more! Quite user friendly."

Armer Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard for Workspace, Classroom and Home Office.

Introducing our state-of-the-art 55-inch4KUltra HD touch screen. This cutting-edge display offers unparalleled picture quality with its 3840 x 21604KUltra HD resolution, ensuring vivid representation of every detail.

what are the advantages of Armer smart board in office?

Now the digital office model has become a new wave of the times.Smartconferenceinteractivewhiteboards are also becoming more and more popular.Armer, as the leading brand of domestic smart conference interactive whiteboards that is widely sought after by everyone, has a good reputation and sales.

Office essentials

"Great machine! The screen is clear enough and the operation is very responsive. The powerful operating system allows me to use it as an ordinary Android device or as a computer. The memory is sufficient for ordinary teaching.In addition, compared to previous ordinary whiteboards, the whiteboard function of the machine is very excellent. The team’s opinions and wisdom gained during the meeting are well preserved."

The smart board first appeared

"The smart board first appeared. It arrived with a permanent wall mount rather than the movable stand that can be seen in some of the photos. Customer support has responded quickly to our questions."