Classroom Screen Whiteboard

Armer® Smart Boards:Improve the efficiency of teaching and learning

Change the education model and carry out efficient teaching, homework guidance, and interactive learning.

Best Smart Whiteboard For School Classroom

Featuring advanced technology, interactive features, and seamless integration with educational software and tools.

Interactive Board For Google Classroom

  • Use Google Classroom to create online classrooms and remote teaching to stimulate classroom participation.
  • Also streamline your courses by integrating with Jamboard, Canvas, Blackboard, Classroom Screen and more.

Interactive Solutions for teaching

  • Import PDFs, documents, screenshots, and images into your whiteboard and annotate as needed.
  • Streamline your courses with integrations with Google Classroom, Word, Power Point, and more.
  • Diverse media formats make teaching fun

Interactive Solutions for Learning

  • Learn happily through interactive games such as Sudoku, chess, Kahoot and ABC Mouse.
  • And watch YouTube, Netflix, and Video on the screen to improve students' knowledge reserves.

Get Everyone Involved

  • Connect up to 9 student devices at onceMake lesson notes on-screenControl applications with easeStream video from connected devices.
  • Students can participate via laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to provide instant feedback or ask questions during class.

Safety, innovation, technology

  • Low blue light and anti-glare protect students' eyes.
  • 4K ultra-high definition ensures that teaching materials always present vivid details.
  • Interactive whiteboards are designed to meet the educational needs of teachers and administrators around the world.