Interactive Whiteboard for Home Office

Armer® Smart Board:The best tools for work and play

Change the way you work from home, carry out efficient work, home theater, leisure and entertainment, yoga.

Best Smart Whiteboard For Home Office

Upgrade the home office, remote work and leisure entertainment, combine work and rest, perfect home

Work Remotely From Home

  • Remote meetings collaborate on the same whiteboard and share mind maps, diagrams and sketches, which improves collaboration efficiency.
  • Easy screen sharing and wireless casting.

Leisure and entertainment

  • From home offices to home theaters and game arcades.
  • Watch your favorite shows live.
  • Play your favorite online games.
  • Do it all with Armer Board.

Fitness and Yoga

  • Enjoy the joy of sports with the big screen.
  • Can also broadcast live.
  • Infinite canvas graffiti art and design.

A close bridge between parents and children

  • Parents work from home, have family gatherings, accompany their children to study and tutor, entertain and play games with their children, etc.
  • Smartboards have become an indispensable tool.