Armer Smart Whiteboards are widely used

What can you do with smart whiteboards in various fields?

Armer Smart Whiteboards fulfill education, work and life use, improve efficiency, and change the way you communicate and collaborate for the better!

Armer Smart Whiteboards for Industry Solutions

For every side of education, business, industry and life

For Business

Change traditional methods and conduct efficient video conferencing, remote collaboration, and brainstorming.

For Education

Change the education model and carry out efficient teaching, homework guidance, and interactive learning.

For Home Office

Change the way you work from home, carry out efficient work, home theater, leisure and entertainment, yoga.

For Exhibition Center

Move product parameters to the big screen for display and demonstrate product features. Supports interactive large screen displays with wireless connectivity, cloud storage and an easy-to-use interface to enhance the interactive experience for exhibitors and visitors.

For Health Care

Digital whiteboards establish interactions with doctors, patients, and family members through telemedicine, share screens, share educational videos and annotate medical reports, and accurately present medical images such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs

For Digital Finance

Make data clear and digitized, real-time online viewing of financial data, so that investors can rest assured. Annotated K charts for a comprehensive interpretation of stock movements. Data comparison and simulation to predict and evaluate different investment strategies, protect privacy and security.

For Shopping Center

Store information, one-stop scenario to display products. Provide a centralized platform for visitors to access store catalogs, opening hours, promotions and services.

Armer Smart Whiteboards Use Cases

For every side of education, work and life

For Meeting

The conference smart whiteboard is a valuable tool to enhance collaboration and productivity in business meetings. These devices provide interactive functionality, digital connectivity, and often come with additional software and applications.

For Training

Intelligent whiteboards for training, with their interactivity and multimedia capabilities, provide a whole new dimension to training, prompting more lively and interesting teaching. By touching the screen and writing notes, trainees can actively participate in the learning process, improving concentration and motivation.

For Brainstorming

Smart Whiteboard for Brainstorming provides a platform for teams to generate ideas and collaborate. Its visual and interactive nature enables team members to share and present their ideas intuitively. Participants can instantly put their inspiration on the whiteboard, making the brainstorming process more flexible and efficient.

For Video Teleconference

Smart whiteboards for video teleconferencing not only enhance communication and make meetings more efficient, they also provide remote teams with intuitive and interactive collaboration tools that promote teamwork and information sharing. Deepen messaging with real-time annotations and modifications to ensure everyone understands and remembers important content.

For Presenting

Smart Whiteboard for Presentation. Multimedia support makes the presentation of information more vivid and engaging. Speakers or educators can instantly create and display charts, images, text and other elements to make presentations more visual and interesting. The insertion of multimedia content enriches the presentation, making it more creative and engaging.

For Drawing

Smart Whiteboard for Drawing, with its touch screen and digital writing capabilities, makes drawing more intuitive, flexible and easy to use. Whether it's for artwork, design sketches, or diagrams for teaching presentations, the Smart Whiteboard provides a new drawing experience.

For Teaching

Smart Whiteboard for Teaching. Provides an advanced and versatile tool for education. It makes teaching more vivid and interesting. Teachers are able to convey knowledge more intuitively and stimulate students' interest and motivation. Teachers can display multimedia elements such as charts, images, videos, etc. in real time, which enriches the teaching content and makes abstract concepts easier to understand.

For Gaming

Smart Whiteboard for Games. Provides a unique platform for team games, learning games and more. Participants can work together in real time through the whiteboard to solve puzzles, design strategies, and promote closer teamwork and communication interactions. Various contents such as images and sounds add fun and excitement to the game.

For Learning

Smart whiteboard for learning. Provides students with a new learning experience. By touching the screen and writing notes, students can actively participate in class and conduct real-time interactions and discussions, thus promoting in-depth learning and thinking. Students can also use the whiteboard to conduct group discussions and display personal ideas, making learning more interesting and diverse.