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Armer BoardArmer board has been our best purchase

Armer board has been our best purchase

"Armer board has been our best purchase," exclaimed Peter from Georgetown, Indiana. Peter enthusiastically shared, "Armer Board enhances our overall customer experience. Our daily staff can interac...

Armer BoardArmor Board is mesmerizing infinite canvas

Armor Board is mesmerizing infinite canvas

As a YouTube audio content creator, I've always been on the lookout for a better way to interact with my audience. Video editing and drawing are my two passions, and I'm enthusiastic about using so...

Armer BoardA Revolutionary Leap in Interactive Whiteboards

A Revolutionary Leap in Interactive Whiteboards

Dr C.M.J reviewed for us, Armer Board A1 Exceeds Expectations! As someone deeply invested in educational and business technology, I've had my fair share of experiences with various interactive whit...

The Armer smartboard has some cool features and a great tool for collaboration.
The 55-inch screen makes the display more vivid, and you will never be annoyed by a small laptop or a handwriting whiteboard.
Armer Board Upgrades A1 55-inch Smart Whiteboard to A2 55-inch Series with Increased Memory and System Features
Armer Board has introduced a new 55-inch 4K Ultra HD touch screen interactive whiteboard, dubbed the Armer A1.
Armer Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard for Workspace, Classroom and Home Office.
Armer Board, as the leading brand of domestic smart conference interactive whiteboards that is widely sought after by everyone, has a good reputation and sales.
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High quality

Armer Board has brought great convenience to our business, because our customers basically communicate with us through Google Meet, but with Armer Board, it is more convenient for us to conduct remote meetings and solve all problems for customers.

Armer Smart Board
Abbey Wynne
Change my education work

For me, who is a teacher, armer board is changing the way I teach and makes my work easier. It is a smooth course experience - easily between videos, Google documents, spreadsheets, etc. Convert!

Armer Board Vista 55 inch
Jonathan Cribas
Change meeting

My Armer Board has changed the game for creating diagrams, visuals, and diagrams and then sharing them with colleagues in meetings.

Improved our efficiency

Just the smart board we were looking for would make a huge improvement for our business team in the conference room. I'm planning on adding another Armer Board to our other office

Very convenient

Projecting on Armer Board using Mac and mobile phone, very convenient and cool feature

Graffiti and writing are what I like

I'm an interior designer and often need to sketch on a whiteboard to present to clients. The multi-touch capabilities of this smart whiteboard allow me to collaborate with clients, and they can doodle and make changes directly on the screen so we can reach an agreement faster.

Bundle Sales


Very practical

Being an Architect, the Armer board provides me the technology to share my illustrative world with my clients and audience in a very comprehensive, and cohesive fashion. It allows me the expedience to "get to the point" in a format that can be easily understood, and discussed.

It is really cool.

I am engaged in training on children's education. After purchasing the Armer Board, it has better promoted the optimization of our courses and deeply attracted the attention of children. It is really cool.

Armerboard GoView TV 32"
Marsha Crenshaw
Gave me a surprise

If you're looking for a versatile and convenient way to watch TV anywhere in your home, this is it! It's the ideal gift for someone who enjoys multita

I really like the board

Absolutely love my Armer smartboard! We use it for a variety of courses in our community center and it's so user-friendly that anyone can use it! Accessing different accounts makes it even better! The quality is very good. It will not be scratched and affect the quality of the screen. It has 4K high-definition picture quality and is absolutely genuine.

We love it

The Armer board is stunning and works beautifully just as the advertising shows. We love it. Especially the whiteboard function, which can draw tables and annotations, is what I like best.

Armer Board Elite 65 inch
Gianna Sheridan

The smart board comes with 2 styluses, a wall mount, and easy assembly and disassembly instructions for storage. Therefore, the purchase of this product is worthwhile and both parties are completely satisfied...

Armerboard GoView TV 32"
Lisa Gibbs Gibbs
Clear touch screen

Love the appearance. display is 32 inches just right! Very convenient to move to any room my biggest thing about it is clarity I think it could be mor.

Armer Smart Board
Erin Edwards
Many useful gadgets

Recommend Armer Board. There are many practical gadgets on the whiteboard function, such as alarm clock, polling, sticky notes, etc. I like them all and use them frequently in team collaboration.

Armer Smart Board
Jonathan Mulrooney
Excellent interactive experience

I've been using the Armer interactive whiteboard for some time now, and I can't help but admire its user-friendly interface and multifunctional features. It's a wellspring of endless creativity and innovation.

What I purchased is 55inch Android system smart board!

Repurchased again, used it for meeting, very convenient, 4K picture definition is very high, can connect to the Internet to download various APPs, if you have any unclear inquiries from customer service, you can also get a response in the first time, the most important thing to buy electronic products is after-sales service!

I like to use it during class

As an elementary school teacher, I'm always looking for a tool to make my classroom more lively and interesting. Armer smart whiteboards can not only display course content, but also interact with students. I can create fun educational games that keep students actively engaged. In addition, it can also record the content of each lesson, which is very helpful for students to review.

Excellent value for money

Initially, I was hesitant about the price but after using it, I can confidently say that it's worth every penny. The versatility it offers both indoor.

Armer Board Vista 55 inch
Jarrod Jerowski
large tablet

The Armer Smart Board is like a giant touchscreen computer on my wall. It's very cool to use and is a conversation starter for anyone who visits my office. Later I purchased a mobile stand. It can be moved anytime and anywhere. You can easily use it in any space. It is very convenient, especially when holding meetings or when you need to show information to clients. It is great.

Big screen, great value for money

My experience with the Armer board has been outstanding. From usability to performance, it has exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Plus, it can also run on Windows, functioning like a large-screen computer, or when using the Android system, it's like a large-screen tablet that's touch-enabled, providing great value for money.

Armer Smart Board
Isabella Coombs
Left a deep impression

During my usage, the functionality of the Armer board has left a profound impression on me. In team meetings, we can use it for gaming experiences, and its seamless operation allows us to interact effortlessly, thereby enhancing our productivity and teamwork.

Armer Board Vista 55 inch
Peter Nicholson
The quality is pretty good!

The quality is very good, completely exceeding my expectations; the delivery speed is very fast, the packaging is very careful and tight, and I am very satisfied with this shopping. It is used for promotional videos and occasional meetings. It feels good to use and the after-sales service is also very enthusiastic.

Armerboard GoView TV 32"
Mary Reynders Mary
I really like it

just got my hands on the ApoloSign 32-Inch Smart Screen, and oh boy, am I impressed! This thing is like having a giant Android tablet on wheels

Manage work meetings with ease

I installed this smart whiteboard in the company conference room, and the efficiency of internal meetings in the company has been greatly improved. We no longer need to print reams of meeting materials, everything can be displayed and edited on the screen. Moreover, through network connections, we can collaborate remotely in real time with colleagues in different locations.