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Armer Board provides support for exploring STEM | How About Armer

Armer Board provides support for exploring STEM | How About Armer

“Students in our program love our Armerboards, and with smart boards, our classes become more interactive. Students can get hands-on exploring science, technology, engineering, and math concepts. T...

Armerboard becomes fun at the pediatric dentist's office | How About Armer

Armerboard becomes fun at the pediatric dentist's office | How About Armer

“As a pediatric dentist, it’s my job to transform a potentially scary environment into a welcoming, warm, friendly environment that is lovable and fun when communicating with children. I find that ...

Armerboard makes meetings more efficient | How About Armer

Armerboard makes meetings more efficient | How About Armer

Tech entrepreneur Nathan Guc “loves using the Armer Board during meetings,” she says.Nathan is an entrepreneur and has several large and small meetings to start every day, including internal compan...

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It’s pretty good

I bought a 43-inch smart board. I usually use it during live broadcasts. It can interact well with the audience. It also has annotation and whiteboard functions. It’s pretty good.

Classroom Smart Board

As a teacher, this smartboard is an absolute productivity tool. Ability to engage students in ways traditional methods cannot. Interaction with students in my classroom has increased.

Great Product

Great response and so touchy love the feeling - can write with your finger and the touch pen. Still exploring the other user interfaces but got a hold of the board for teaching, downloaded some needed apps, will download more! Quite user friendly

I like Armer Smart board

My training institution has replaced all traditional blackboards with smart whiteboards. I think students are more motivated to attend classes, and lecturers say goodbye to erasers.

Very practical in class

Future! Armer boards are a great asset to my online accounting courses. Students love the interactivity and integration of Blackboard. This makes them feel like we are teaching in a classroom! I would recommend this technique to any online instructor. This is a great and worthwhile investment! Seamlessly integrates with a variety of software and applications, making it a valuable tool for educators and professionals. It supports a wide range of applications, enhancing its usability.

Overall is good

I purchased the R1 65-inch Dual system, I think Windows is easier to use, and I can use it for my children in class.

Mobile large computer

The Armer Smart Board is like a giant touchscreen computer on my wall. It's very cool to use and is a conversation starter for anyone who visits my office. Later I purchased a mobile stand. It can be moved anytime and anywhere. You can easily use it in any space. It is very convenient, especially when holding meetings or when you need to show information to clients. It is great.

Improve efficiency

Use the Armer Board A1 to strategize, create dynamic vision boards, align my team to a common goal, and accelerate the growth of her small business. It's more than a tool - it's your partner in achieving future milestones. I can transform these companies into more efficient ones through Armer Board

Graffiti and writing are what I like

I'm an interior designer and often need to sketch on a whiteboard to present to clients. The multi-touch capabilities of this smart whiteboard allow me to collaborate with clients, and they can doodle and make changes directly on the screen so we can reach an agreement faster.

Fantastic and versatile tool for collaboration, meeting, whiteboarding, and video display

We bought a second Armer, this R1, to add to our home offices. My partner and I often found we both wanted to be using the board at the same time. When it came time to break our offices into two different bedrooms, we both couldn't bear to lose easy access. Adding a second Armer made some great office improvements possible.

An integral part of the job

Loves using the Armer Board during meetings. Its interactive features and seamless connectivity turn my office into a powerhouse of productivity. I can't imagine working life without it now. The Armer Board is now an integral part of what we do, and when our customers see it, they cant help but ask me to recommend it.

a fly in the ointment

I am a dentist. The Armer board is placed in my office, which brings convenience to my work. When explaining the teeth to customers, it can clearly display images to express to customers.

I LOVE this product!!

The pandemic caused the offices to close, so most of us had to work remotely from home. I was looking for something that could enhance my productivity and provide flexibility to do other things when not on conference calls. I found this product was great to allow the collaboration with my team members but then become an entertainment tool when relaxing.

Support more apps

I can download any program I need on Google Pay. It is like a large tablet, which is very helpful to my work. I can also play casual games and relax after work. It makes me look forward to my future experience.

Privacy protection

I really appreciate Armer Whiteboard's security and privacy measures. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that my work and data are well protected. Synchronizing with the cloud disk makes many of my data more convenient to use.

Recommend it

Overall, I am very impressed with this smart whiteboard. Not only does it provide great performance, it also gives me endless creative and collaborative possibilities. It really is a product worth buying and I highly recommend it to anyone in need.

Very good

I can connect the whiteboard to my mobile device, which gives me greater freedom when working remotely. No matter where I am, I can easily collaborate and share ideas with my colleagues. It allows multiple of us to edit and annotate documents in real time, making the team more productive.

Great smart board

What impressed me the most was the handwriting recognition feature of this whiteboard. No matter what color pen I use, the text and graphics on the screen are automatically recognized and categorized. This makes my work more tidy and organized and saves me a lot of organizing time.

Very suitable for home purchase

After purchasing this whiteboard, I found it not only useful for work but also fun for home entertainment. The whole family can use it and it really adds to our interactive entertainment time. It is not only a TV, but also can work from home and collaborate on remote meetings.

Best digital whiteboard I've used

There are a few options out there for digital/collaboration boards. I originally purchased the Samsung Flip 2 and had to return it due to its lack of cloud collaboration and Samsung-only browser that did not allow for browser-based tools. What really stands out with the Armer besides its good looks and large, brilliant screen, is the interface that allows for easily adding popular tools like Miro or Jira- tools a creative director or product manager needs to work with multiple teams.

Effortless to Use for Hybrid Meeting

As someone who often conducts hybrid meetings on the go, the camera provides a crystal-clear 360-degree view of the room, meaning remote participants can feel like they're in the room with us.

Love very much

I love my Armer board. It works well, it's easy to use and understand and the updates consistently improve the overall experience.

Love very much

I love my Armer board. It works well, it's easy to use and understand and the updates consistently improve the overall experience.

Daily work

I've gotten so used to having an Armer smart whiteboard in my office conference room that I can't imagine working without it. It's versatile for everyday work. The touch functionality on the Armer Smart Board is responsive and accurate. It feels like using a high-end tablet or smartphone, but on a much larger scale.

The best technology on the market, GOOD!

I'm an executive in a business and I wanted a high-tech monitor that would help me with meetings at home, but also for watching movies or using the Internet. So when I started using this R1 65" Screen Interactive Smartboard, I realized it had a ton of amazing features that I needed.