Free online whiteboard software for conference rooms and classrooms!

Armer whiteboard contains unlimited canvas, brushes, erasers, text and other tools, which can realize document uploading, remote video and chart production, and one-stop completion of meetings, collaboration, lesson preparation, teaching, and discussion. It is a powerful device.

Hybrid teams use whiteboards to collaborate and brainstorm

Say goodbye to tradition and enjoy hybrid meetings and teaching

Brushes Mode

Use the stylus to draw with lifelike brushes and vivid colors.

Infinite Canvas

View micro details or the big picture with zoom controls.

Smart Text

(Coming Soon)Take notes faster with handwriting recognition.


Illustrate your ideas with annotation on any document type.

Muti-device Support

Collaborate seamlessly on Armer Board, computer iPad, or phone from anywhere.

Smart Shape

(Coming Soon)Identify non-standard shapes Instantly draw shapes or connect the dots to form flowcharts.


The worksheet can be enlarged and reduced.Draw one stroke to add a worksheet, draw three strokes to delete a worksheet

Palm Eraser

Effortlessly clean up marks with a simple palm swipe.

Sticky Notes

Boost engagement by letting team members add comments.

Multi-person Vote

Increase engagement by asking team members to vote for their favorite ideas.


Set and track designated time intervals for efficient collaboration.

Cloud Storage

Save your work in the cloud and share it with your team in PDF format.

Import Content

Import videos, photos, documents to increase the visual experience.

QR Code

Scan the QR code to take away meeting and class notes.

Mind Map Template

(Coming Soon)Various types of mind map templates for easy use.

Complete your best work more efficiently

Existing templates and customizable templates quickly help teams collaborate efficiently and start projects

Mind Mapping

Flow Chart

Concept Mapping

Decision Tree