What is Armer Smart Whiteboard?

What is Armer Smart Whiteboard?

Armer Smart Whiteboard is an advanced interactive whiteboard solution that combines technology and functionality to enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity in various settings, including classrooms, boardrooms, and collaborative workspaces. It is a digital tool that provides a dynamic and interactive platform for presenting, brainstorming, and collaborating on ideas.

Armer Smart Whiteboard consists of a large touch-sensitive display that serves as a virtual whiteboard. It offers a wide range of features and tools that enable users to write, draw, annotate, and manipulate content in real-time. The interactive nature of the whiteboard allows multiple users to engage simultaneously, making it ideal for group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative work.

Infinite Canvas

  • The infinite canvas is an important feature of whiteboard functionality. It allows users to express and showcase ideas infinitely on the canvas by simply scrolling up or to the left to roam the entire screen.
  • Traditional whiteboards or physical canvases often have fixed dimensions that limit users' creative space. However, by utilizing the infinite canvas feature of a whiteboard, users are not constrained by space and can freely expand and switch canvases, enabling more freedom in expressing and organizing ideas.
  • By scrolling up or to the left on the screen, users can easily navigate and roam the entire canvas. This makes presenting and sharing content more flexible and seamless. Whether it's delivering presentations in the education field or presenting ideas in business meetings, the infinite canvas provides users with a larger creative space and presentation freedom.
  • The use of the infinite canvas also provides more organization and structuring options. Users can create multiple areas or pages to separate different ideas or topics and switch between them as needed. This allows them to better organize and manage information, making the content more comprehensible and presentable. The feature of the infinite canvas encourages users to think creatively and explore divergent inspirations. By continuously expanding the canvas, users can explore more creativity and possibilities. They can freely draw and connect various ideas, creating unique and imaginative content.

Object Touch Recognition

  • Object touch recognition enables finger gestures to perform functions such as canvas movement, zooming, as well as selecting, rotating, and duplicating specific objects. Additionally, the palm of the hand is recognized as an eraser, offering three eraser modes for conveniently removing large areas of text or graphics.
  • With object touch recognition, users can directly interact with the whiteboard using their fingers. They can easily move the canvas, repositioning the content to the desired location. The zooming feature allows users to adjust the canvas size for better presentation and display of content.
  • In addition to basic movement and zooming functions, object touch recognition supports operations on specific objects. Users can select, rotate, or duplicate specific objects such as shapes, text, or images using their fingers. This intuitive and straightforward method allows users to freely edit and adjust the position, orientation, and number of copies of specific objects.
  • Furthermore, object touch recognition also takes into account the functionality of the palm of the hand. The palm is recognized as an eraser, automatically switching to eraser mode when it comes into contact with the whiteboard. Users can quickly erase unwanted content by using their palm, efficiently removing large areas of text or graphics.
  • The characteristics of object touch recognition make the user experience more flexible and convenient when using the whiteboard. Through direct touch and gesture operations, users can freely edit, adjust, and erase content, creating works that are more personalized and creative.

Editing Tool Options

  • Pen Types: Armer Whiteboard offers different types of pens, such as fine pens, bold pens, highlighters, and more. You can choose the pen type that suits your needs for writing and drawing on the whiteboard.
  • Colorful Inks: In addition to different pen types, Armer Whiteboard provides a variety of colorful ink options. You can select different colors to emphasize key points, categorize information, or enhance visual effects.
  • Sticky Notes: Armer Whiteboard offers sticky note functionality. You can create, move, and resize sticky notes to add annotations, comments, or important items to your meeting records.
  • Frame Design: Armer Whiteboard also provides frame design tools. You can create frames using different shapes and line styles to organize and connect content, draw flowcharts, or mind maps.
  • Background Colors: Armer Whiteboard allows you to change the background color of the whiteboard to fit different meeting themes or contexts. You can choose bright background colors or subtle background colors to enhance the readability and visual effects of your content.

Note and Voting Features

  • Note Feature: Armer Whiteboard allows you to create notes to add annotations, comments, or important items during meetings. You can place the notes anywhere on the whiteboard and easily move and resize them as needed.
  • Voting Feature: Armer Whiteboard also provides a voting feature that enables you to conduct polls and gather opinions from team members. You can create voting questions and provide options for team members to choose from. Team members can cast their votes on the whiteboard and instantly view the voting results.

Insert Table Feature

  • Armer Whiteboard offers the ability to insert tables, allowing you to visually represent and analyze data. Tables are crucial for presenting data, performing calculations, and conducting analysis. They provide a clear representation of the relationships and trends among data, helping viewers better understand and analyze the information.
  • Add Rows and Columns: With the insert table feature, you can easily add rows and columns to the table on the whiteboard. With a swipe gesture, you can add a row or column to the table. This allows you to expand the table and add more data rows or columns as needed.
  • Delete Rows and Columns: If you need to remove rows or columns from the table, you can use a swipe gesture to perform this action. With a swipe gesture, you can quickly delete rows or columns from the table, allowing for data adjustments or streamlining the table content.

QR Code Export

  • Forget about physical handouts, meeting minutes, or taking photos of the whiteboard during meetings. Easily capture the content in images or PDF files and wirelessly transfer these meeting assets to other devices using QR codes.
  • Capture Images or PDF Files: With Armer Whiteboard, you can capture meeting minutes, whiteboard content, and more by taking images or importing PDF files into the system. This eliminates the need for relying on physical handouts or taking photos to record meeting content.
  • Generate QR Codes: Once you have captured the images or PDF files, Armer Whiteboard generates corresponding QR codes for these assets. The QR codes can contain links to the files or other information.
  • Wireless Transfer to Other Devices: By scanning the QR codes, you can wirelessly transfer the captured images or PDF files to other devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. This allows for easy sharing and access to meeting assets across different devices.

Google Drive Access

  • Accessing Google Drive is made easy through the QR code feature. Simply scan the QR code to log in to your Google Drive account and access your files, while also conveniently adding images to your whiteboard notes.
  • Scan QR Code: The QR code generated on Armer Whiteboard contains the link information to access Google Drive. Simply use your phone or other device's camera to scan the QR code.
  • Log in to Google Drive: After scanning the QR code, you will be redirected to the Google Drive login page. If you are already logged in to your Google account on the device, you will be automatically logged in; otherwise, you will need to enter your Google account credentials to log in.
  • Access Files: Once successfully logged in to your Google Drive account, you can access the files stored in your cloud storage. You can browse folders, view file lists, open files for preview, or make edits.
  • Add Images to Whiteboard Notes: In Armer Whiteboard, you can use the corresponding tools to add images to your whiteboard notes. If you want to add images from Google Drive, you can import them from the Armer Whiteboard's image library and select images from your Google Drive folder to add to your whiteboard notes.

Easy Image Insertion

  • Armer Whiteboard provides a simple and flexible image insertion feature. You can freely insert images into the whiteboard and display pictures from your folders or upload images from a USB drive.
  • Insert Images: Armer Whiteboard allows you to freely insert images into the whiteboard. You can select the desired image files from your local device and insert them onto the whiteboard. This makes it convenient to showcase pictures, photos, or other image content.
  • Display Pictures from Folders: In addition to selecting images from your local device, Armer Whiteboard offers the ability to display pictures from folders. You can browse and select pictures stored in your folders and add them to the whiteboard. This allows for quick browsing and displaying of multiple pictures from folders.
  • Upload Images from USB Drive: If you have a USB drive, you can connect it to the device through Armer Whiteboard and upload images from the USB drive. This method allows you to quickly import images from external devices into the whiteboard for display and editing.

Annotate Anywhere

  • You have the ability to mark, draw lines, or write notes on any content on the screen. You can freely add annotations in browsers, Windows applications, and documents, and capture and save these annotations as screenshots.
  • Annotations on any content on the screen: Armer Whiteboard allows you to annotate any content on the screen. Whether it's a webpage in a browser, a Windows application, or other documents, you can use the whiteboard tools to mark, draw lines, or write notes on them. This enables you to interact and annotate the content on the screen more freely.
  • Capture and save annotations: Once you have made annotations on the screen, Armer Whiteboard can help you capture and save these annotations. You can easily save your notes and annotations as screenshots for later viewing, editing, or sharing.

Search Images or Webpages in the Browser

  • The ability to search on the web enables you to directly search for images or webpages on the whiteboard. By performing searches within the same interface, you can conveniently find content related to the discussion topic and enrich the discussion with visual content.
  • Search Images or Webpages: With the built-in browser feature in Armer Whiteboard, you can directly search for images or webpages on the whiteboard. Without leaving the whiteboard application, you can enter keywords or search queries and perform searches through the built-in browser. This allows you to easily find images or webpages related to the topic you are discussing.
  • Enrich the discussion content: By searching for images or webpages on the whiteboard, you can enrich the discussion related to any topic you choose. You can visually express your ideas and viewpoints more intuitively by displaying relevant images or referencing relevant webpage content. This is useful for teaching, team meetings, or brainstorming sessions, as it allows participants to have a more comprehensive understanding and discussion of specific topics.

Armer Smart Whiteboard revolutionizes traditional whiteboard concepts by integrating digital technology and interactivity. It offers a versatile and collaborative platform that empowers users to engage, share, and collaborate effectively, fostering creativity, communication, and productivity in various professional and educational environments.

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