Interactive Whiteboard for Business

Armer® Smart Boards:Increase productivity in hybrid team collaboration

Change traditional methods and conduct efficient video conferencing, remote collaboration, and brainstorming.

Best Smart Whiteboard For Office Meeting

Streamlined collaboration for seamless meetings, Upgrade your conference room

Remote Conferencing and Collaboration

  • Meetings become easier and collaboration becomes more efficient.
  • Everything in one interactive display
  • 4K resolution, HD camera, six-array microphone, enjoy clear and smooth video conferencing.

Multiple Devices Wireless Screen

  • Connect up to 9 devices at once
  • Take meeting notes on screen
  • Control applications with ease
  • Stream video from connected devices
  • Wireless Projection

Open Application Compatibility

  • Android 11 Open Google Play app download
  • Easily integrates with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Cisco WebEx for bigger, better video conferencing.

Annotations make brainstorming easier

  • Presentation Customizable templates for effortless customization.
  • Import images, music, videos, and files to enhance corporate presentations and daily activities.
  • During the meeting, scan the QR code to save and take away the annotated content.

Business Solutions

Learn business meetings and various work skills, improve work efficiency and make collaboration easy

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