What is DLED?What are the characteristics of DLED technology

DLED stands for Direct-Lit Light Emitting Diode. It is a technology used in LED (Light Emitting Diode) TVs, specifically in the arrangement of the LED backlighting system. The key feature of DLED technology is that the LED lights are placed directly behind the display panel, as opposed to being placed around the edges (Edge-Lit) or in specific zones (Full-Array).

What are the characteristics of DLED technology?

DLED Direct Backlighting

In a DLED TV, the LED lights are evenly distributed behind the entire surface of the display. This allows for more precise control over local dimming, brightness, and contrast compared to some other LED backlighting technologies.

DLED Uniform Illumination

Direct backlighting helps achieve more uniform illumination across the screen, reducing issues like uneven brightness or "hotspots" that can sometimes occur with other backlighting methods.

DLED Local Dimming

Some DLED TVs come equipped with local dimming features, where specific zones of LEDs can be dimmed or turned off independently. This enhances contrast by allowing darker areas of the screen to be truly black, providing better image quality, especially in scenes with a mix of bright and dark elements.

DLED Thinner Design

DLED technology can contribute to a thinner TV design since the LED lights are distributed across the back of the display rather than requiring additional space around the edges.