Smart Board for Drawing

Whether it's conception, design or drawing, it's all done on a large smart whiteboard

Our whiteboard makes it easy to drawing

Best Large Witeboard Digital Tablet For Drawing

Armer smart whiteboards provide art and design with big screen, design and drawing tools.

Infinite large canvas

● Create digital paintings using a variety of virtual brushes, colors and effects
● Large screen, unlimited canvas
● Creative paintings are saved to the cloud or shared on the Internet in real time

Vivid Classroom Knowledge

  • Project images, videos, simulations and other multimedia content onto a large screen for a clear and engaging learning experience.

Rich Variety of Teaching Methods

  • Using the Smart Board in combination with lectures, discussions, group work, experiments and other teaching methods makes teaching more interesting.

Compatible With a Variety of Teaching Software

  • Compatible with educational software Google Classroom, Evernote, ClassDojo, Duolingo, etc., all Google Play downloads are supported.
  • Allows integration with existing learning platforms, thus expanding your teaching possibilities.

Safety, innovation, technology

  • Low blue light and anti-glare protect students' eyes.
  • 4K ultra-high definition ensures that teaching materials always present vivid details.
  • Interactive whiteboards are designed to meet the educational needs of teachers and administrators around the world.