How to choose the smart whiteboard size?

How to choose the smart whiteboard size?

As smartboards become increasingly popular, more and more customers are using Armer smartboards. However, we've noticed that many customers are unsure about how to choose the right size of smartboard for their company's meeting room application. So, in this issue, we'll focus on how to correctly select the size of Armer smartboard.

The size of the meeting room and your choice of smartboard size are closely related. Currently, common smartboard sizes include 55, 65, and 75 inches, all of which can generally meet the needs of meeting rooms of different sizes.

Room Size

Consider the size of the room where you plan to install the smartboard. If the room is relatively small, choosing a smaller-sized smartboard may be more suitable to ensure that all participants can clearly see the screen content. For larger meeting rooms or classrooms, you may need a larger-sized smartboard to meet the participants' needs.

Intended Use

The intended use of the smartboard is also crucial. If you plan to use it for educational purposes, such as classroom teaching, then choosing a size large enough for students to easily read and understand the content is crucial. For business purposes, consider whether the smartboard will be used for presentations, meetings, or team collaboration.

Armer Smartboard Size Recommendations

5㎡-15㎡ Small Meeting Room

 For small meeting rooms ranging from 5㎡-15㎡ , we recommend Armer A1 55-inch and A2 55-inch smartboards. These are suitable for meetings with 1-5 participants, making them ideal for organizing small team meetings within your company. With these smartboards, your meetings become simpler, more efficient, and more convenient.

20㎡-35㎡ Medium Meeting Room

For medium-sized meeting rooms ranging from 20㎡-35㎡, we recommend the Armer R1 65-inch smartboard. It's suitable for meetings with 5-10 participants, making it perfect for daily or weekly team meetings, as well as monthly or yearly summary meetings. With this smartboard, you can freely arrange various types of meetings, enhancing work efficiency.

30㎡-50㎡ Large Meeting Room

For larger meeting rooms measuring 30㎡-50㎡ or more, we recommend the Armer M1 75-inch smartboard. It's suitable for meetings with 15-30 participants, making it ideal for cross-departmental or cross-team meetings between companies. It's also suitable for conducting single-topic training meetings within your organization, enhancing communication and collaboration between teams.

In the context of future smart business office scenarios, agile smart collaboration capabilities are increasingly important for companies. Armer smartboards help enterprise-level customers quickly set up meeting scenarios, efficiently collaborate throughout the entire meeting process, and fully utilize the best features of smartboards, creating a new ecosystem of efficient collaborative intelligent meetings.

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