Best Solution for Smart Whiteboard in Smart Hospitals

Best Solution for Smart Whiteboard in Smart Hospitals
Smart whiteboards are not only applicable in meeting scenarios but are also widely used in education, business, finance, healthcare, and other fields. When applied in the healthcare setting, Armer's smart whiteboard offers a dedicated solution called the Smart Healthcare Solution. This solution is based on Armer's intelligent collaboration platform's software and hardware capabilities, addressing issues such as lack of interoperability between various healthcare information systems, low nursing efficiency, poor experience in remote consultations, and difficulties in educational coverage within the hospital. By connecting the hospital's information systems, it enables information exchange across different departments, covering doctors' offices, nurse stations, and patient wards. This improves nursing efficiency in the ward, streamlines multidisciplinary consultation processes, reduces the burden on healthcare professionals, and enhances the ward environment. It also improves visitation and inpatient experiences, creating a humane and user-friendly smart hospital.

With the rapid development of big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing, hospitals are increasingly focusing on refining and streamlining the work of healthcare personnel and providing them with efficient and practical tools. The intelligent large screens in the smart wards, such as the nurse station, doctor's office, and teaching rooms, are important applications of smart healthcare. They bring numerous advantages and innovations to the medical industry.

Nurse Station Smart Large Screen

  • The nurse station smart large screen, based on technologies such as mobile internet and data integration, centers around patient-centric care concepts. It integrates various information systems within the hospital, effectively addressing issues such as delayed patient care information retrieval and delayed doctor-patient communication. By utilizing the nurse station smart large screen terminal, it achieves comprehensive data digitization, continuity, mobility, and refinement in services ranging from call management to nursing management. This solution provides a scientific, effective, safe, and smooth experience, offering a complete smart nurse station solution. As a pioneer in conference tablets, Armer has consistently explored the application scenarios and functionalities of interactive display screens. Specifically in the healthcare field, Armer provides customized solutions to create an interactive platform for the medical industry using a combination of hardware, software, and cloud services. This platform improves work efficiency and communication, thereby enhancing the overall medical service experience.

Smart Display for Doctor's Office

  • The smart display in a doctor's office is used to show and present relevant medical information and data. It can display patients' basic information and electronic medical records, including personal profiles, medical history, allergies, diagnostic results, and more. By viewing the patient information on the large screen, doctors can quickly understand the patient's condition and improve the efficiency of consultations. The smart display in a doctor's office can also be used to display and present medical images such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and more. Doctors can have a clearer view and analysis of the images, allowing for interpretation and discussion with the patients.

Real-time Information Synchronization

  • The solution seamlessly integrates various hospital systems such as Hospital Information System (HIS), Laboratory Information System (LIS), Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), Infection Control System, Anesthesia System, Intravenous Dispensing System, Mobile Nursing System, Intelligent Infusion System, Call System, and Electronic Door Card. It presents and aggregates all nursing information on the smart nurse station large screen, providing a clear and comprehensive overview.

Image Display and Analysis

  • The smart whiteboard provides high-definition displays that accurately present medical images such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. Doctors can use the smart whiteboard for image analysis and diagnosis, zooming in, zooming out, rotating images, marking and measuring areas of interest to make more accurate diagnoses.

Multi-modal Image Integration

  • The smart whiteboard can integrate multiple modalities of medical images, including structural and functional images, to provide a more comprehensive diagnostic information. Doctors can view and compare different modalities of images simultaneously on the same interface, enabling more accurate evaluation of the patient's condition and the formulation of treatment plans.

Enhancing Overall Hospital Image

  • It automatically generates over 20 types of departmental and hospital-level nursing quality reports (e.g., department surgeries) and nursing management reports (e.g., nurse scheduling statistics and analysis). This effectively liberates nurses from written work, allowing them to dedicate more time to patient care.

Hospital Data Assisted Management

  • The smart whiteboard provides a range of departmental management functionalities, including nurse scheduling, personnel management, and performance assessment, aimed at enhancing work efficiency and achieving precision management. In hospital management and operations, the smart whiteboard plays a vital role. It can be used to visualize and operate hospital scheduling, resource management, surgical planning, and more. Hospital administrators can utilize the smart whiteboard to monitor and optimize healthcare processes in real-time, improve work efficiency, and ensure the optimal utilization of resources. The application of smart whiteboards presents new opportunities for hospital management, optimizing processes, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Team Collaboration and Remote Consultation

  • The smart whiteboard provides a platform for collaboration and communication among healthcare teams, supporting real-time sharing and remote access capabilities. Doctors can use the smart whiteboard to display medical records, examination results, and imaging data for consultations and discussions. This real-time collaboration speeds up the decision-making process, improves team collaboration efficiency, and supports remote consultations across geographical locations, facilitating the participation and input of remote experts. Additionally, the smart whiteboard facilitates convenient remote access and interaction for telemedicine and remote monitoring. Patients and doctors can engage in remote consultations, diagnose conditions, and discuss treatment plans using the smart whiteboard. This remote healthcare model not only provides convenient medical services for patients in remote areas but also reduces patient travel and waiting times, improving the efficiency of healthcare resource utilization. The application of smart whiteboards plays a significant role in the healthcare field.

Data Analysis and Intelligent Assistance

  • The smart whiteboard features advanced data analysis and intelligent assistance capabilities, automatically detecting and identifying potential abnormalities and pathologies. It serves as an auxiliary tool for doctors, improving the accuracy and efficiency of diagnoses. Furthermore, the smart whiteboard can be used for patient education and engagement. Doctors can utilize the smart whiteboard to explain medical conditions, diagnoses, and treatment plans to patients, enhancing their understanding and involvement through visuals and animated demonstrations. This patient engagement approach helps strengthen patients' medical knowledge and promotes communication and collaboration between doctors and patients. The application of smart whiteboards brings innovation and improvement to the healthcare field.

Teaching and Training Tool

  • Students and newly graduated doctors can utilize the smart whiteboard to learn anatomy, observe cases, and engage in real-time discussions and guidance with mentors. This interactive teaching method enhances students' learning outcomes and cultivates their professional skills. Healthcare professionals can use the smart whiteboard to present anatomical illustrations, disease process demonstrations, surgical simulations, and other content, imparting knowledge and skills to students and interns. This real-time interaction and visual presentation contribute to enhanced learning outcomes and training quality. The smart whiteboard serves as an innovative and efficient learning environment for medical education and training.

Enhancing Work Efficiency

  • Replacing manual handwriting with digital information improves accuracy and efficiency of nursing, while offering seven major active instant reminders for new orders, critical laboratory results, surgeries, and more. This significantly enhances the quality of medical care and effectively reduces medical disputes.

The smart whiteboard, based on technologies such as cloud storage, mobile internet, and data integration, takes a patient-centered approach. Through the conference tablet, it can connect various information systems within the hospital, effectively addressing issues such as delayed retrieval of patient care information and delayed doctor-patient communication. With a complete and integrated solution that encompasses the entire process from call management to nursing management, it achieves data digitization, visualization, mobility, and refinement. This solution enhances work efficiency and elevates the overall image of the hospital. The application of smart whiteboards in smart healthcare solutions has extensive prospects. It brings numerous advantages and innovations to medical education and training, medical consultations and team collaboration, patient education and engagement, hospital management and operations, and remote healthcare and monitoring. As smart healthcare continues to advance, smart whiteboards will continue to play a crucial role in driving progress and improvement in the medical industry.

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