Armer whiteboard for meeting solution

Armer whiteboard for meeting solution

In the era when smart offices are becoming more and more common, conference tablets have become an indispensable device in enterprises. Today, I will bring you an immersive experience of the various functions of the Armer conference tablet. Even if you have not used a conference tablet, you can easily become a "king player"!

1. Whiteboard function

  • The Armer Conference Tablet supports 20-point touch and single-point fine writing. The writing font can be moved freely, zoomed in and out, even if you make a mistake, you can erase it with the back of your hand, and clear the screen with one key. The whiteboard software can support picture and 4K video insertion, flow chart insertion, intelligent graphics, etc., enriching the material to enable the scene ability of whiteboard information interpretation, breaking the traditional restrictions and improving efficiency.

2. Multiple saves

  • For the meeting minutes formed on the meeting tablet, click the save button, and you can choose PDF saving, image saving, meeting minutes saving, sending to email, saving to the enterprise cloud disk to save the file. In addition, you can also generate a QR code for the meeting minutes. You can easily save it to your phone by scanning it with your phone. Open the saved whiteboard file and edit it directly.

3. File transfer

  • After the mobile phone is connected to the hotspot of the meeting tablet, open the Armer smart software in the application center of the meeting tablet, scan the QR code with the scan function of any APP on the mobile phone, and select the pictures and documents to be shared on the selection page of the mobile phone. You can transfer files quickly.

4. Quick same screen

  • After the mobile phone is connected to the hotspot of the conference tablet, use the transparent software to scan the QR code on the same screen, and then start the same screen after confirming the connection. When the laptop uses the Armer screen sharer to share the screen, first use the screen sharer to connect to the USB interface on the back of the conference tablet. After the pairing is successful, use the screen sharer to connect to the computer, and you can quickly share the screen with one touch. When multiple people need to be on the same screen, the conference tablet supports up to 9 devices to display at the same time.

5. Video conferencing

  • Open the video conferencing software in the meeting tablet, and you can choose to join a meeting or create a meeting. After creating a video conference, other participants can enter the conference ID on the application interface to join the conference. The Armer Conference Tablet is compatible with Xiaoyu Yilian, Huawei, ZOOM, Tencent video conferencing and other mainstream market software, with high compatibility.

6. Welcome page

  • Click the utility, open the welcome page software, slide down, select a welcome page template suitable for the scene, enter the welcome words, and click Finish to enter the display state.

7. Scan code to vote

  • After opening the voting device, first set the number of voters, then set the voting items, click OK, and the voters can use their mobile phones to scan the QR code to vote.

8. Dual display on one screen

  • Long press the task management button to activate the split screen function, and one screen with dual display can make the operation more convenient.

Armer Whiteboard offers a comprehensive suite of features that transform traditional meetings into interactive and productive sessions. Whether it's brainstorming, presenting, or collaborating, Armer Whiteboard empowers teams to work together seamlessly, unlocking new levels of efficiency and innovation in the meeting room.

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