Liliana Davis, Audio Blogger | How About Armer

Liliana Davis, Audio Blogger | How About Armer

@OfficialGamesky As a YouTube audio content creator, I've always been on the lookout for a better way to engage with my audience. Video editing and drawing are my two main passions, and I'm dedicated to using sound and visuals to create emotionally-rich and narrative-driven content. However, while delving into the stories behind sound, I often found myself trapped by technical challenges, leaving me feeling somewhat helpless.

However, when I first encountered the Armer Smart Board R1, it was as if I had been handed an endless canvas for creativity, allowing me to interact with my audience in a much deeper way. I felt like I had found the key to solving my problems and opening up a new chapter of creativity. In the past, I used to painstakingly add annotations, charts, and annotations in video editing software to share information with my audience. But with Armer Smart Board, everything became effortless. I remember a time when I was about to release a video explaining complex sound effects principles. With Armer Smart Board R1 by my side and high-definition projection, I could demonstrate the process of sound waves in real-time. I drew waveforms on the board with my fingers, making it clear for the audience to understand the principles of each sound effect. This intuitive presentation not only saved me the hassle of adding markers in editing software, but also made my videos more engaging and educational.

In my audio videos, I often faced the challenge of conveying complex sound effects and music elements clearly to the audience. In the past, I had to use sound to explain, but that wasn't always intuitive. However, with Armer Smart Board, I can draw directly on the screen, visually presenting the fluctuations and changes of sound using graphics. I recall a time when I was creating a video about natural sounds, and I used Armer Smart Board A1 to draw a waveform of birds singing in a forest. With a light tap and drag of my finger, I could adjust the shape of the graph freely, enabling the audience to better feel the changes in sound. This visual presentation style made my audio videos more appealing and educational, helping the audience better grasp the stories behind sound.

Beyond creative endeavors, Armer Smart Board has significantly improved my efficiency in daily work. Once, I needed to prepare a demonstration for an audio production tutorial. Previously, I would sketch on paper and then capture it with a camera. Now, I can draw each step directly on the screen and record the whole process. This not only eliminates the camera capture step but also makes my tutorials clearer and easier to understand.

It has also played a huge role in my drawing creations. In one video, I attempted to depict a complex musical scene, showcasing the arrangement and distribution of different instruments' sounds. Usually, I would draw on paper and capture it with a camera, but this method wasn't ideal. With Armer Smart Board, I can draw directly on the screen and adjust the position and size of each element with finger gestures. This makes my drawing process smoother and more flexible, allowing me to focus on the creation itself.

Another impressive moment was when I conducted an interactive livestream with my audience using Armer Smart Board. During the livestream, viewers could interact with me through real-time chat on the screen, and I could reply and demonstrate in real-time on the board. Once, a viewer asked me about sound effects, and I used Armer Smart Board to draw real-time diagrams of sound waveforms, visually answering his question. Many viewers expressed that they had never seen this kind of interactive form in other livestreams, and I felt incredibly satisfied to be able to connect with my audience on a closer level.

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