Armerboard makes meetings more efficient | How About Armer

Armerboard makes meetings more efficient | How About Armer
Tech entrepreneur Nathan Guc “loves using the Armer Board during meetings,” she says.

Nathan is an entrepreneur and has several large and small meetings to start every day, including internal company meetings and meetings to communicate with customers. Although she is constantly busy, the smart technology of Armer board has brought her convenience and improved the efficiency of meetings. 80% of her work can be completed on the smart board, which is really cool to her.
Nathan uses Armer Board to strategize, create dynamic vision boards, align her team to shared goals, and accelerate the growth of her small business. It's more than a tool - it's your partner in achieving future milestones. “The Armer Board is now an integral part of what we do, and when our customers see it, they can’t help but ask me to recommend it.”

Nathan and her husband love to work, so she also brought an Armer Board to her home. Even when she is living, she can still work well at home without going out, and her husband is also happy.

“I’m so excited to share it with my friends at our Christmas party!”

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