Armerboard becomes fun at the pediatric dentist's office | How About Armer

Armerboard becomes fun at the pediatric dentist's office | How About Armer
“As a pediatric dentist, it’s my job to transform a potentially scary environment into a welcoming, warm, friendly environment that is lovable and fun when communicating with children. I find that I enjoy it more and more. This job brings happy smiles to children,” said Dr. Lindsey. “When the kids walk in the door and see the Armerboard transform into an animated design and personalized display, they absolutely love it!”

Facts have proved that "Armerboard draws dental structure, anatomy and clinical cases. It is presented to children in the form of pictures. Children like this expression very much. It is an excellent communication tool for pediatric patients and their parents! Parents love their children's reaction," Dr. Lindsey explained.

Lindsey, a pediatric dentist at Green Valley Hospital in Iowa, installed Armerboard in her waiting room to clearly explain dental issues, treatment options and oral hygiene considerations.

Dr. Lindsey also used Armer boards to create animations and designs to highlight toothpaste flavors, laughing gas flavors, and important oral care tips and reminders. “Smart whiteboards can also be used to record patient information, draw treatment plans and maintain patient files. This simplifies document management and helps improve the accuracy of treatment records,” he continued.

“I am extremely pleased with the Armerboard, the smartboard has become an indispensable tool for dental treatment while providing a better experience for patients and healthcare!”

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