5 Stories to Stimulate Your Student's Imagination

5 Stories to Stimulate Your Student's Imagination

5 Stories to Stimulate Your Student's Imagination

Story 1: The Forest Rhapsody

The night is getting deeper and deeper and it is nearing dawn. At this coldest time of the day, the animals are not afraid of the cold and hold a unique music concert.

In this quiet and peaceful night, the sky is full of notes in the tick-tock tick-tock dance sound crisp and loud, which is the dew on the ground dancing pole dance. Some frogs can not resist the mouth a breath, blowing his trumpet, the sound of intermittent, sometimes high, sometimes low, for the dew accompanied by the music, the sound can not help but seem monotonous. When soon the little creatures were slowly awakening, one after another, they joined in this brief but interesting procession. The cicadas chirped, beating their bodies with their wings like both gongs and drums, and the sounds of the grasshoppers and crickets were mixed in with the double-whammy. The industrious bees are now carrying a small speaker, singing a buzzing music, they fly around in the flowers, although they are collecting honey, but it is like playing hide-and-seek. The most beautiful sound is not the "birds of prey", which is like heavenly music, with the wind and running water to echo. Nature has given these little elves a unique voice, and their whispered songs are another unique language. "This song should only be found in heaven, and it is rare to hear it on earth". Listening to it, one can forget one's worries and purify one's soul. In the forest, a variety of sounds in the non-stop intertwining, made a musical net, net you, net me, convergence of a performance of the painting, the painting has you, the painting has me, the composition of a sheet music of nature, inside, there are you, there are also me.

This is a pair of larks, humane birds, each with a trauma on their eyes, the male on the left is blind in his right eye, the female on the right is blind in her left eye. They were, by nature . . a pair, this is the other half that God has sent them. They speak. A clear, melodious chirp and the breeze and flowing water echoed with indescribable delight, and any sound of nature was eclipsed in their presence.

The concert continued, the fog filled the sky, as a layer of milky white veil, hazy, hidden in the night like a fairyland, to the nature of a layer of mysterious veil.

Story 2: Climbing the Highest Peak

(Content prompt: there is a towering mountain in the animal kingdom, the animals all want to climb this peak, but all end in failure, there is a strong antelope after all the hardship, finally climbed the highest peak. Please expand your imagination into a complete and vivid story. The title should be your own.)

In the vast forest, there is a towering mountain, many animals want to see farther, so they try to climb the peak by all means.

Tigers and lions were ready to climb the peak with their high-tech adsorption shoes, but due to the freezing cold, the adsorption shoes short-circuited halfway up the mountain, and they fell straight down, resulting in a comminuted fracture. Elephants think they are bigger than any animal, the step will be big, so big strides to climb the peak, but the elephant's feet in the snowy mountains on a step slippery two steps, had to give up the summit. At this time, the proud snow leopard climbed 5000 meters mark, the tiger at the bottom of the phone admonished the snow leopard: "old brother ah! You are certainly better than all of us, but must not be proud ah!" For the tiger's kind advice, the snow leopard not only do not listen to but also ridicule the failure of the animal incompetence, but it also pay a terrible price, because of plateau reaction almost lost his life. At this point, the antelope also climbed to the 5,000 meter mark, the tiger and the lion cheered for the antelope, but the elephant said, "You are too stupid, the antelope can't even beat an old leopard, how can it reach the top?" At this time, the antelope is also exhausted in the rest encountered the snow monster, the snow monster said: "this mountain is called mother earth, which is in the Tibetan language, you have traveled a long way to this place but can not climb up, what is the point?" The antelope relied on the tenacity, continue to rush forward, and finally went through the trials and tribulations of the peak.

Story 3: Dandelion Seed Floats and Floats

A dandelion seed was growing nicely in the ground when a naughty wind blew by. A mischievous wind blew by and blew the dandelion seeds up into the sky. They didn't know where they were going, but they loved the feeling of floating in the sky, it was so free. Like a tiny parachute, they soar freely in the beautiful sunshine.

The earth said, "Dolls! Stop playing and get down and settle down!"

But the dandelion's little seeds how willing to listen, they have not played pain, they want to let the wind to send them farther away, they want to tour the famous mountains and rivers, they want to stroll around the Great Wall and beyond.

The earth was anxious, he chased after the dandelion seeds and shouted: "Hey! Children, settle down! Don't be wandering, the outside world will not be conducive to your growth."

The dandelion seeds heard the voice of the earth, they looked down and saw that it was really fast and fertile land, they couldn't help but want to stop, but the wind was still drifting, how could they settle down?

So they continue to wander with the wind, to see the sadness and joy of the world, see the world, one day, they finally feel tired, want to settle down to rest, they fell on a sandy land.

The wind saw them fall and exclaimed, "My God! How did you land here? This is the most unforgiving desert, it is not suitable for plants to grow here, come with me! I will send you to a fertile land."

The dandelion seeds looked at the grains of sand around them, and then at the wind, and they smiled strongly and said, "No! This is the best place for us to make our home, as long as we plant our heel here, we live for a purpose, you see! This is the best gift we can give back to Mother Earth."

The wind said, "Don't be silly, don't be silly, if you take root here, you will not be able to stand the harsh weather and soil, and you will soon die."

The dandelion seeds smiled quietly as they insisted, "Thank you wind, we want to try even if we know we will die."

The wind flew away helplessly, and the dandelion seeds quietly burrowed into the sandy soil.

The next spring, a small dandelion drilled out of the sand, the next year more dandelions drilled out of the sand, the third year, the fourth year ...... many, many years later, an oasis instead of a large desert.

Story 4: The Butterfly and the Turtle Talk

A butterfly was diligently spreading pollen for the flowers, the butterfly thought of taking a rest, so it leaned on a big stone to rest, just as it leaned on it, the big stone moved, the butterfly was startled.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you, I'm a turtle." The turtle hurriedly introduced himself.

Embarrassed, the butterfly said, "I'm sorry, I thought you were a rock, that's why I stopped to rest for a while, I hope I didn't disturb you."

The turtle said, "That's okay, I've been alive for hundreds of years and you're not the only one who thinks I'm a rock."

The butterfly was surprised and said, "Hundreds of years, oh my! You have lived a long life, I can only live a few short months."

The turtle also looked at the butterfly in surprise and said, "What? A few months? Your life span is so short, what do you do then?"

The butterfly proudly said, "I spread pollen for the flowers so that they can produce fruits and seeds and pass them on from generation to generation."

The turtle marveled, "That's a very meaningful thing to do!

The butterfly asked curiously, "So what meaningful things have you done in your hundreds of years of life, Grandpa Turtle?"

The turtle said, "All I have to do is stand still, I don't need to do anything, you must envy me!"

The butterfly shook its head and said, "No - I don't envy you, any longer life span, living without meaning is just a waste of time.

After saying this the butterfly flew towards the flowers and continued to work.

Story 5: Helping Each Other

One sunny morning, the chick saw the golden sun overhead and lazily said, "It's such a nice sunny day, I'm going to have a nice sun bath."

The chick was lying on the grass, enjoying the warm sunshine. Suddenly, Piggy's voice was heard, "Chicken, stop sunbathing and come help me build a house." The little chicken said, "No, no, building a house is dirty and laborious, I want to sunbathe here." As soon as Piglet's words fell, Chicken heard Duckling's voice again, "Chicken, come and help me grind flour." The chick again said, "No, no, no, grinding flour is too tiring, I am enjoying a sun bath."

In the evening, it suddenly rained heavily, and the chick's house leaked, so the chick brought buckets and washbasins to catch the rain, and when the piglet and the duckling saw it, they hurriedly repaired the chick's house.

The chick saw the repaired house, and then looked at the soaked piglet and duckling, and lowered his head in embarrassment. Piglet said, "We should help each other." At this time, the chick's face was red, like a big red apple.

How to Enrich Your Child's Imagination?

Imagination is the ability to create new images in the mind based on existing images. For example, when you talk about cars, I immediately imagined a variety of automobile images is this reason. Imagination is generally in possession of certain knowledge. Here are some tips on how to enrich your child's imagination, I hope it will help you.

How to enrich the child's imagination?

1, independent thinking. The baby's thinking will mature with age, they will think, they will understand, they will imitate. Parents will have to give the baby enough time to think about the problem in time, to let the child face the problem by himself, learn to think about the problem, and solve the problem with their own wisdom and ability. Soon parents will realize that when children face problems independently and solve them, they will be very happy and confident. Independent thinking is a prerequisite for a child's rich imagination, because only when a child really uses his or her brain to think about a problem is when imagination is born. Parents should encourage and guide their children to think independently.

2、Encourage practice. Babies often do things that parents or adults cannot understand, and things that seem wrong and incorrect in the eyes of parents. So parents will often stop or restrain the child can not do this, can not do that. In fact, this is binding the child's imagination and the child's ability to move. Imagination is just an idea in the brain, only when the idea is put into practice, it is the real exercise, can increase the accumulation of knowledge of the appearance, stimulate his thinking about the nature of things.

3, give freedom. To fully give the baby free space and time. Because children are in need of freedom, have their own space and thinking. They need to have their own time to fully utilize their imagination. Parents should satisfy their children's needs so that they can grow up more happily. And playing and entertaining is the nature of children, in playing and entertaining, it is actually a process of learning and a way of growing up for children. Parents should allow their children to play and can accompany their children to play and want their children to grow up diversely.

How do I keep my child's imagination?

It is actually possible to change a child's mind from the process of drawing what the teacher says the child should draw. In fact, the teacher only needs to teach the child's skills and the content of the drawing, without having to say everything to be drawn, after all, everyone sees the world differently. For example, the sky doesn't have to be blue, it can be black, white or green.

It doesn't matter if a child cuts out a certain image, such as a plum blossom, and has his or her own idea of how to cut it into a piece, because the child may have seen a plum blossom that looks like this before, or he or she may cut it out in a color other than that specified by the teacher.

Children like to move around, play to play, then let him play well, as long as it is not dangerous are allowed to play, let the child to entertain themselves, rather than because they are in a bad mood, see the child moving around in front of the eyes upset and stop or even prohibit the child to do so.

Children love to watch cartoons, parents can give children to watch. Can give the child to watch some helpful cartoons, such as literacy, fables and short stories adapted to help children grow up some of the film is possible. Parents should pay special attention not to watch some anti-Japanese movies in front of very young children, or it will make the child have an impact.

Don't let the child's weekend only study, the child is not a machine, also need to rest, too many training courses is not good for the child. Accompany the child to go out more, see different places and different cultures, let the child long insight, don't be at home to play computer. Of course, after these trips, you should ask your child what they have learned.

How to encourage children to imagine?

Because of the influence of parents, the influence of the environment, the influence of elders, nowadays children have some more than the habit of having food to eat, clothes to hand. Do things with family members, do not have to use their own brains, thinking lazy, directly affecting the development of the child's imagination. Parents should first be at home and elders agreed, small children in the scope of their ability, to do their own things. Improve their hands-on ability.

Consciously enrich the child's life experience. In life, parents should let their children observe the world around them more often, work hard with their hands, and form more pictures and more representations in their minds. Children will combine and create these contents unconsciously. It is more helpful for their learning and growth.

Develop hobbies. Every child has his or her own unique ideas. Developing interests to cultivate specialties should be done from the child's point of view, not whatever the parents tell them to learn. For children interested in things, parents can ask more "why", "how else", "especially his possible", etc., so that the child to broaden their minds.

Read a lot of books. Reading a lot of books can help your child to understand the world faster, and to cultivate language and sentiment. There are some fairy tales, Kobe novels, etc., which are also ways to open the minds of children and can also be tried. For example, the famous Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings series can be read by children.

How to play the child's imagination?

1、To take children to the outdoors more often to contact the natural environment

Improve the child's perceptual cognition of things around them. For example, to the zoo, art galleries, cultural squares, museums and other places, so that they can experience the magic of nature, only personally feel, in order to make the child's brain to leave more things in the image, so as to lay the foundation for improving the imagination.

2, more children to listen to music

Improve the child's ability to feel and express beauty. Music develops children's auditory senses and cultivates the aesthetic ability of young children. Through singing, playing and listening to music, children can improve their ability to recognize music and creativity, as well as their ability to express their own emotions.

3、To let children read more

Imagine the scene in the story from reading. The amount of reading a child does directly determines the child's intellectual development. Some familiar stories have lively plots and outstanding characters, so the child's reading is not boring and helps to inspire the child's imagination.

4, to do more games with the child, through activities to develop the child's imagination. For example, you can let your child experience different roles through role-playing, situational simulation, playing house and other games, so that your child's imagination is unconsciously improved in the game.

5. Play with toys with your child more often

Through the different functions of toys to improve the child's creativity. For example, the swinging block toys, puzzle toys, and disassembly toys, or through the drawing board, let the child free to give play to the painting skills, no matter how well the child draws, we must encourage the child, so as not to let the child afraid of the end.

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