How to get into the groove of working remotely from home?

How to get into the groove of working remotely from home?


As the pandemic continues to evolve, many individuals have delayed their return to the office and are mandated to work from home. This might be the longest break most of us have experienced. The outbreak can undoubtedly be categorized as a black swan event. Before the Lunar New Year, we were planning for the upcoming year, expecting work, bonuses, annual meetings, gatherings, everything as usual. However, shortly after the holiday break, the epidemic started to spread unexpectedly, catching us off guard. According to our company's pre-holiday arrangements, today should be the time to get back to work. Although we have issued a notice to delay our return to comply with national regulations, it's advisable for all working individuals to proactively get into the working mindset. Utilize this time to work remotely from home and engage in continuous learning. So, how can you quickly get into this work mode? Here are some methods to consider.

Section One: Establishing a Sense of Routine

Wake up on schedule:

Set an alarm to wake up on time, according to your regular work hours. Begin your day with a fresh face. For women, consider applying light makeup. Adhering to both your routine and appearance helps you transition into work mode.

Dress formally:

Although you're at home and it's tempting to wear pajamas or casual attire, it's best to dress as if you were going to the office. Even a formal shirt can significantly boost your mental state.

Designate a specific workspace:

If you have a study or home office, it's ideal for remote work. If not, set up a work desk in your living room or balcony. Avoid working in your bedroom, as the sight of your bed can subconsciously induce drowsiness and hinder productivity.

Perform designated rituals:

Before starting work, prepare a cup of tea or coffee for yourself. Consider playing soothing music or white noise in the background. These small rituals signal the beginning of your workday. It's advisable to establish consistent pre-work routines.

    Section Two: Establishing a Work Rhythm

    Set defined work hours:

    Allocate specific time slots for work during the morning, afternoon, and evening. During these hours, focus solely on work-related tasks.

    Schedule break times:

    You can opt for a 10-minute break every 45 minutes or a 5-minute break every 25 minutes. Maintaining a balanced work-rest rhythm enhances productivity.

    Minimize distractions:

    Communicate your work hours to your family members. During work hours, unless it's an emergency, try to minimize interruptions. If you don't have a separate workspace, use headphones to block out noise and distractions. Avoid using your smartphone or constantly checking pandemic-related news. Create a relatively quiet work environment.

      Section Three: Establishing a Sense of Control

      Break down goals into tasks:

      Deconstruct your work into specific daily tasks. You can even categorize tasks for the morning and afternoon, quantifying them for self-monitoring and review.

      Timely uploads and backups:

      If your work involves collaboration, communicate effectively with your team and upload your work promptly. Don't let your work impede the overall progress of the team. Since you're using your personal computer, make sure to back up your data to the cloud to prevent data loss.

      Familiarize yourself with remote work tools:

      Due to the current situation, many remote work tools are available for free or offer extended features. Common ones include Zoom and Google Meet. Familiarize yourself with their features, applications, and usage in advance. This will make you more proficient and efficient when you officially start using them.


        With the unexpected and ongoing pandemic situation, many people are experiencing remote work for the first time. However, remote work is likely to become more integrated into our daily work and lives even after the pandemic subsides. Therefore, it's essential to establish a remote work routine that suits you. By incorporating a sense of routine, rhythm, and control, remote work can become more seamless and productive.

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