7 Best Dendrogram Making Software

7 Best Dendrogram Making Software

Creating dendrograms (dendrograms used in hierarchical cluster analysis) can be a key part of data visualization and analysis. As a classic information visualization tool, tree diagrams have been widely used for their intuitive and clear characteristics. It can display information in a hierarchical manner and help us understand and reveal complex relationships between data. It is widely used in both academic research and business reports. However, manually creating a dendrogram is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also the effect is difficult to achieve ideal results. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose an easy-to-use tree diagram creation software. it's here,

I’ve listed 7 recommended treemap creation software options, each offering unique features and capabilities. Starting from the advantages, disadvantages and price, we will help you find the tool that suits you best.

1. GitMind

GitMind is a treemap and diagramming software that can be accessed through a web browser, Windows and Mac platforms. Supports online collaboration, making the creation of various charts more convenient.

Provides a large number of templates and themes to facilitate users to quickly create and customize their own tree diagrams
Supports real-time collaboration with multiple people and can share with one click, making it easy for team members to view and edit
Supports exporting to multiple formats to facilitate users to use and share on different platforms

Relatively limited functionality
Cloud storage relies on the network

Provide personal free version
Three-year plan: $2.47/month
Annual plan: $4.08/month
Monthly plan: $9/month


Lucidchart is not only a web-based charting platform, but also a tool that can help users fully display visual effects and deeply understand visual paths. More importantly, Lucidchart allows users and chart stakeholders to complete work together through real-time collaboration capabilities, thus greatly saving time.

Creating personalized charts is a breeze
Seamlessly connect stakeholders and simplify collaboration processes
Supports publishing charts on multiple platforms
Provide flexible and diverse format customization options

Unable to drag multiple objects simultaneously
Color and pattern selections are limited

Provide personal free version
Personal Premium: $7.95/month
Team Edition: $9.00/user
Enterprise Edition: Please contact customer service for pricing


Visme is a free and easy-to-use tree diagram making tool. It is an innovative platform specially designed for creative tree diagrams. It provides beautifully designed tree diagram templates, allowing users to quickly complete projects, and also provides a variety of shapes and line styles, allowing users to create exclusive tree diagrams according to actual needs.

Available in a variety of shapes and line styles
Easy drag and drop operation
Include your own unique brand colors and fonts

Lacks advanced animation features

Provide personal free version
Starter Edition: $29/month (billed monthly); $12.25/month (billed annually)
Upgraded version: $59/month (billed monthly); $24.75/month (billed annually)
Team Edition: Please contact customer service for pricing

4.Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a multifunctional software that is an innovative platform that can turn all kinds of visual designs into diagrams. Whether it is processes, data, knowledge, or any innovative ideas, Edraw Max can transform them into tree diagrams, UML diagrams, fishbone diagrams, flow charts, etc. in the form of drawing design. Moreover, these charts can be easily exported to PDF, text or image formats to meet different needs.

Provides a simplified way to generate tree diagrams without complex operations
Has a variety of easy-to-edit templates to meet personalized needs
Stay on top of the latest releases and tools to keep your creations on the cutting edge
Multiple export options to suit different applicable scenarios

The scope of the symbol selection library is limited

Half-year plan: $69
Full year plan: $99
Perpetual plan: $171.51 (discounted price)


With its simple and easy-to-use features, Gliffy provides solutions for creating tree diagrams, UML and many other types of diagrams. You can even use it to design posters and various visual teaching tools.

Has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
Supports saving files in various image formats such as JPG, PNG and SVG
Seamless integration with Google apps

The free version has more limited functions and contains Gliffy watermark
Software performance may be a bit slow

Professional version (1~9 users): $8/month (billed annually); $10/month (billed monthly)
Professional version (10~50 users): $6/month (billed annually); $8/month (billed monthly)
Enterprise Edition: Please contact customer service for pricing


Creately, as a tree diagram creation software, provides various types of templates that users can freely select and edit according to their own needs. These templates are beautifully designed and professional, helping users quickly create high-quality tree diagrams.

Provides a large number of customizable tree diagram templates to meet individual needs for real-time visual collaboration
Support real-time visual collaboration to make workflow smoother
Contextual data annotations make data interpretation more intuitive and accurate

Lacks features

Provide personal free version
Starter version: $5/month
Business version: $89/month
Enterprise Edition: Please contact customer service for pricing

7. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is an innovative tree diagram production software. The platform has automated design functions, which not only ensures work efficiency but also ensures work accuracy.

Provides a variety of file sharing platforms
Supports sharing files via email link
With visual export and import functions

Premium features require payment

Personal version: $9.95/month
Team Edition: $8.95/month (minimum 3 users; billed annually)

I share with you the 7 best tree diagram creation software, you can choose according to your needs and preferences. When choosing a tree diagram creation software, consider the user's skill level, variety of diagram types, and whether collaboration features are needed.

Among them, the Armer smart whiteboard is different from traditional tree diagram tools, providing smarter functions, richer scenarios, and a more humane experience. It's not only fully functional. Of course, Armer Board also supports downloading these software on Google Play, concentrating all work content on one device, effectively improving work efficiency.

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