What is an smart interactive whiteboard?

What is an smart interactive whiteboard?

Smart Interactive Whiteboard Introduction

  • The conference tablet is also known as "smart conference tablet". The 55" Armer smart board A1 integrates projector, whiteboard, display, audio, TVs, tablet and many other conference room office equipment, making the conference room environment more simple and comfortable. At the same time, its high-definition, high-brightness, high-contrast display Features, which solve the shortcomings and limitations of traditional projectors that rely too much on light in display effects. In addition, the conference tablet can also realize the cross-space real-time transmission of on-site audio and video and screen writing content through the Internet, perfectly showing the charm of remote video conference application scenarios.

Intelligent interactive whiteboard application

  • The conference interactive whiteboard is mainly used in the fields of government, enterprise, office, education and training, etc. It integrates projectors, curtains, electronic whiteboards, audio, computers and remote conference terminals and other equipment. It has interactive smart whiteboards, interactive document presentations, Split-screen teleconferencing, multi-terminal wireless screen transmission, network multimedia playback and other functions.

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Application Field

  • The commercial display market is still dominated by education, government public services, commercial services and retail. Taking CVTE MAXHUB conference panel, a well-known conference panel brand that rose rapidly in March 2017, as an example, the conference panel can be fully reflected in the following industry scenarios.

Smart Board For Real estate industry

  • In the real estate industry, the conference interactive whiteboard can dynamically display or even three-dimensionally present the valuable selling point information of the house type and the location of the real estate, transportation, surroundings, etc. to potential buyers through intelligent touch interaction design, and adopt advanced precise touch technology Realize one-to-one and one-to-many autonomous queries. Rich media diversified visual display and immersive in-depth interactive experience make houses and real estate have infinite charm and penetrate into the hearts of home buyers. In addition, house and real estate information can be taken away wirelessly and conveniently by sending emails and scanning codes to share, extending potential owners' imagination of future quality life.

Smart Board For field of media communication.

  • In the field of media communication, the conference interactive whiteboard can not only realize the functions of reading newspapers, viewing pictures, and simulating sports events, but also changes the oppressive one-way information infusion mode. The screen interaction experience breaks the space barrier between the program host and the guests, allowing the program host, guests, and the conference panel to present a triangular flexible interaction, and form a three-dimensional space-time relationship with the viewers outside the video, thereby attracting the audience and greatly improving the program ratings.

Smart Board For Education and training industry

  • In the field of education and training, the unique wireless same-screen function of the conference interactive whiteboard allows teaching to change from the traditional "one-way instillation" mode to the "two-way interaction" mode, which can greatly mobilize students' classroom participation. Teachers can simultaneously send courseware and test questions to students' tablets, and students can also use tablets to preview before class, answer questions in class, and review after class. The remote education function of the conference tablet is also a highlight. When you encounter difficult problems in the classroom, you can immediately connect with experts and scholars to answer them through remote video. At the same time, you can interact with the conference tablet through the tablet computer to demonstrate and make annotations.

Smart Board For Telemedicine field

  • At present, my country's medical resources are extremely scarce and extremely unbalanced. There are great divisions between the eastern, central and western regions, urban and rural areas, and large cities and small cities. The tight supply and demand and serious imbalance make the contradiction between doctors and patients prominent in our country. The remote video and remote collaboration functions of the conference tablet, combined with the telemedicine system, have changed the characteristics of traditional medical technology subject to space limitations, made remote consultation and remote surgery possible, and can largely alleviate the shortage and imbalance of medical resources outstanding issues.

The Future of Smart Whiteboards

  • In the future, artificial intelligence will become the biggest highlight of the conference tablet. Commercial display products are the carrier of information construction in various industries. The combination of smart commercial display and artificial intelligence technology will lead the industry into the explosive period of "AI+". Among them, cutting-edge AI technologies such as face recognition, speech recognition, language translation, and AR will be deeply integrated with intelligent conference panels. Based on cutting-edge intelligent position sensing, speaker tracking and real-time face recognition technologies, future conference panels will become more and more "Cool": When the participants walk into the meeting room, the system automatically recognizes the face for meeting sign-in; during the meeting, the camera will automatically track the speaker and present a close-up; in multinational meetings, intelligent translation technology can be used to eliminate multilingual communication barriers. In addition, with the help of the conference tablet, remote teams can collaborate in real-time and two-way on the "same screen" for drawing, marking, annotation, data sharing, etc.
  • In the future, with the gradual maturity of 4K, 8K, 3D, VR, OLED and other technologies, the advantages of smart conference interactive whiteboards in terms of interactive experience will be further highlighted. The maturity of technology leads to a further increase in upstream supply, which also helps to reduce product costs and product prices, which is more conducive to the large-scale promotion of the conference panel market. Here we expect that the revolution of this meeting room will go deeper, overturn the existing traditional low-efficiency, low-collaboration and boring conference office mode, seize the opportunity of the era of intelligent upgrading of conference rooms, in order to improve enterprise conference office As the core internal efficiency to improve the industry competitiveness of enterprises. Welcome to this efficient and collaborative smart office era!

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