Top 10 Features of Armer Smart Board

Top 10 Features of Armer Smart Board

The Armer smart board A1 has gradually been favored by many enterprises and has become a must-have for their meetings and office work. But this year, we entered the US market with super targeted products for the first time. You must be wondering, what is so good about the Armer smart board interactive whiteboard? Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the ten reasons to choose Armer conference interactive whiteboard.

1. 6 machines in one

  • Make the conference room more high-end, one machine is stronger than 6 machines, integrates the functions of projector, electronic whiteboard, computer, monitor, advertising machine and audio, one machine is multi-purpose.

2. Smart whiteboard

  • Touch writing, back of hand erasing, new writing software, 1mm recognition accuracy, single-point, multi-point writing mode, two brush options, 20-step retraction. The intelligent algorithm presents fine handwriting and restores the touch of real paper and pen.


3. Convenient annotation

  • Comes with office software, large-screen convenient annotation, one-click annotation, annotation at any time in any interface, saving at any time, and importing into the whiteboard. Convenient and fast, easy to get started.


4. Wireless on-screen

  • Wireless on-screen, free sharing. It is suitable for Android, Apple mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops and other devices. The self-developed same-screen system ensures that the same-screen image is stable and not stuck. The same-screen device and the same screen can also control the laptop in reverse.


5. 9 points on the same screen

  • Support up to 9 points on the same screen, you can also set single screen, dual screen, four screen, easy comparison, real-time discussion.


6. Video conference

  • Video cloud conference, zero distance collaboration. Completely break the time and space constraints, the unique cloud conference system, mobile phones, tablets, computers, and conference tablets can be accessed, and face-to-face communication and sharing and collaboration can be conducted stably in real time.


7. 4K ultra-clear screen

  • Select high-quality 4K commercial screen, anti-glare screen, no fear of strong light, better picture quality.The 178° ultra-wide viewing angle increases the visibility of the screen.


8. AG tempered glass

  • Anti-glare, good touch. The front AG film tempered glass protects the screen while effectively eliminating strong glare, clearly presenting the screen content, capturing every detail, and providing you with a high-quality visual experience.


9. Powerful inner core

  • Powerful CPU with large-capacity storage, built-in independent WiFi hotspot, double receiving and double sending, to achieve efficient meeting guarantee, intelligent source identification, and more efficient and quick demonstration operations.


10. Side toolbar

  • Floating design, one-click expansion, flexible call on both sides. Bring together common tools: such as comments, voting, quick posts, etc. You can quickly return to the home page in any state. Photos, screenshots, and annotations can be inserted into the whiteboard writing interface, and more operations can be performed.

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