Answers to problems encountered when using Armer smart whiteboard

Answers to problems encountered when using Armer smart whiteboard

1.How to download EShare program on computer?

  • Input in the browser and download it in Eshare Download.
  • Choose to download according to the corresponding device version.

2.The computer cannot download the EShare program?

  • Clicking the corresponding download path does not pop up the download link
  • The system program automatically intercepts and downloads, removes the interception, or downloads the corresponding version of the program on other computers and sends it or copies it to the computer that needs to be installed.

3.Can’t find the name of the conference tablet device on the mobile phone or computer in the same LAN when casting the screen?

  • Check whether the network and bluetooth--wireless hotspot is turned on in the settings.

4.Can't connect to the device when Android and Apple mobile phone screen mirroring?

  • Try restarting the app and repeat the connection steps
  • Check the network settings of your phone and tablet to make sure they are on the same network

5.PC screen projection, encountered a security warning when enabling the wireless projection function?

  • Follow the warning prompt to allow the application

6.The screencasting connection is unstable and cannot be continuously connected?

  • Update system and applications
  • Replace network equipment

7.Play audio and video on the screen of mobile phone and computer, but there is no sound?

  • Check whether the conference panel is connected to the omnidirectional microphone receiver.
  • Check Device Management-Sound Output-Speaker in Settings.

8.Whiteboard stylus writing color mutation?

  • When using the pen to write, if the pen is used to tilting, the contact surface between the pen end and the tablet becomes smaller, and the input is automatically sensed as a thin pen.

9.The file uploaded via file quick cannot be found in the file browser?

  • For files uploaded temporarily during fast file transfer, they need to be saved manually before being stored on the meeting panel.

10.When writing on the whiteboard, writing marks are left when the hand touches the tablet?

  • Check whether multi-person writing is turned off.

11.When the table adds or subtracts rows and columns, it becomes writing?

  • When increasing or decreasing, the pen must exceed the range of the cell

12.The application software downloaded directly on the smart board cannot be opened and installed?

  • Download the Android version on the computer, and transfer it to the conference tablet with a USB flash drive or other methods for installation.

13.Unable to use screen roaming, whiteboard roaming requires two hands to touch the screen?

  • Check whether multi-person writing is turned on
  • The roaming conflicts of multiple people writing on the whiteboard cannot be used at the same time.

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