Advantages and disadvantages of interactive smartboard

Advantages and disadvantages of interactive smartboard

"Advantages and disadvantages of a smart board" is a question that must be clarified before purchasing a conference interactive whiteboard. The so-called advantages and disadvantages are just a relative concept, it depends on who and what you compare with.

Without comparison, there would be no distinction between good and bad, and there would be no advantages or disadvantages. Usually, we use the conference interactive whiteboard as a new type of conference equipment to replace the projector. Therefore, today we will compare the conference equipment of the conference interactive whiteboard and the projector. Make a reference for those friends who are preparing for the upgrade meeting.

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System Composition Comparison

  • Everyone knows that projection equipment usually consists of projectors, projection screens, signal connections and other parts. Each part needs to be carefully installed and debugged, and connected with signal lines. The conference interactive whiteboard is just one machine, the display part, and the control computer are all integrated together, free of installation and connection. Therefore, from the perspective of system composition, the composition of the conference interactive whiteboard is simple, and it is almost free of installation and debugging.

Comparison of Display Effects

  • From the perspective of display effect, the display effect of the projection screen is dim and fuzzy. In many cases, it is necessary to turn off the lights in the meeting room or draw the curtains to see clearly. The conference interactive whiteboard is not the case. It usually uses 4K high-definition liquid crystal display with a brightness of 500cd/㎡. It can be seen clearly without turning off the lights and pulling the curtains, and the colors are bright. Judging from the display effect, the advantages of the conference interactive whiteboard are clear at a glance.
  • From the Comparison of Application Functions, it can be compared in four aspects: wireless screen transfer, touch writing, scanning code sharing, and video conferencing.

Wireless Screen Transfer Function

  • I once took my laptop computer to attend a seminar. When it was my turn to speak, I found that the plug of the projector at the venue was too old. The interface does not match, and the technicians did not fix it for almost half an hour, because the current laptop computers are all ultra-thin, and there are no old interfaces at all, and they are all HDMI high-definition input interfaces. The current conference interactive whiteboarddoes not need to be connected to input, and it is equipped with wireless screen transmission, wireless connection, one-key screen transmission, and one-key second transmission functions. Only this one can greatly improve the conference efficiency!

Touch Writing Function

  • today's conference interactive whiteboardsare equipped with touch writing functions, real-time explanations, real-time annotations, and in-depth and meticulous communication. However, the projector can only play PPT mechanically, lacks the function of on-site annotation and explanation, and the efficiency of communication is also greatly reduced.

Scan Code to Share Without Taking Notes

  • conference interactive whiteboards generally have a built-in scanning code sharing function. During the meeting, participants can concentrate on listening to the lecture without taking notes; after the meeting, the host will generate a QR code for the content of the meeting just now , so that the participants can scan the code and take it away; while the projection equipment obviously does not have this function.

Video Conference Function

  • on the basis of the conference interactive whiteboard, add a high-definition camera to immediately form a high-tech video conference system, and can call the camera of the smart phone to participate in the video conference together to form a mobile video conference system. And the projector obviously doesn't have this feature.

Through the above comparison, we can see that the conference panel has a leading advantage compared with the projector. If you must point out the disadvantages of the conference interactive whiteboard, it is that the price is slightly more expensive than ordinary projectors, but much cheaper than mid-to-high-end projectors.

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