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4 Ways to Screen Mirror Your Armer Smartboard

4 Ways to Screen Mirror Your Armer Smartboard

In modern meetings, screen mirroring is a very common technological tool to present the content on a smart whiteboard on a large screen in real time, making it easy for participants to view and communicate. However, for many people, the way of screen mirroring on the smart whiteboard may not be clear. In this article, we will introduce four common screen mirroring methods on the Armer smart whiteboard.

1. Wired screen mirroring.

Wired screen mirroring is through the use of wired interfaces such as HDMI or VGA, the smart whiteboard is directly connected to the device. Generally speaking, the connection line between the smart whiteboard and the device is relatively simple, and the screen mirroring effect is more stable, which can ensure the high-definition display of the content. However, this method requires a wired connection, which may be less convenient in some cases where frequent movement of the device is required.

2. Wireless screen mirroring.

Wireless screen mirroring is through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and other wireless signals, the smart whiteboard and the big screen connection. The benefits of wireless screen mirroring is convenient and flexible, not subject to wired limitations, wireless control and screen mirroring can be realized. Common wireless screen mirroring technologies include Miracast, AirPlay and Chromecast. However, wireless screen mirroring may have problems such as unstable signal and delay, so you need to pay attention to choosing the right equipment and network environment.

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3. Cloud screen mirroring.

Cloud screen mirroring is to upload the content on the smart whiteboard to the cloud, and then project the content to the big screen through the cloud service. Cloud screen mirroring can realize remote screen mirroring, which is convenient for participants to communicate in different locations. In addition, cloud screen mirroring can also realize multi-person simultaneous screen mirroring and real-time collaboration functions to enhance the efficiency of the meeting. However, cloud screen mirroring requires a stable Internet connection and professional cloud screen mirroring platform support.

4. Eshare screen mirroring.

In Armer's smart whiteboard, Eshare has been preset to download, directly in your need for computers, tablets, cell phones to download Eshare, you can project the content to the smart whiteboard screen by connecting the projection device with the smart whiteboard. This method is suitable for situations where you need to display content from your phone, such as demonstrating apps on your phone. Cell phone screen mirroring is usually realized through a wireless connection or a wired connection, depending on the device and function.

To summarize, the four common screen mirroring methods on Armer Smart Whiteboard are wired screen mirroring, wireless screen mirroring, cloud screen mirroring and Eshare screen mirroring. Each screen mirroring method has its own advantages and applicable scenarios, users should choose according to their own needs and actual situation to judge. Whichever way you choose, screen mirroring technology can help the meeting to be conducted more efficiently and improve the communication and cooperation effect of the participants.

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